• 2,400 Square Feet
  • 60’ x 40’ Outside dimension
  • 14’ high ceiling
  • 58’6” x 12’O” clear opening electric bi-fold door
  • 2 36” x 80” Man Doors
  • Polycarbonate Clear siding around the top perimeter for added light.
  • Smooth finished concrete floor
  • 21’x65’ Paved drive leading to the apron
  • 110/220 V 100-amp service
  • Modular office and restroom with compost
  • toilet which can remain or be removed.
  • 113 ft wide x 197’ deep lot
  • Hangar has the capability to store 3 aircraft.


  • 6+ YEAR TERM $6.75/Sq Ft/year
  • $16,200.00=$1,350.00/month
  • Other attractive terms available
  • Please call to discuss: 905-714-1000
  • Email: info@niagaracentralairport.ca

Download Hangar Rental Application (.PDF)

Hello fellow aviators

The Niagara Central Airport Commission is proud to announce construction of a new 5-unit
hangar to be constructed this spring with direct access to Taxiway “A” and rear vehicular access
from the new roadway being constructed parallel to Taxiway “A”, which will in the future
become a dual use taxiway and access road.

We have maintained a list of interested parties in order of earliest requests for information and
will honour that order for 2 weeks before offering hangar space to the flying public at large,
adding potential interested parties to the bottom of the list in the order in which they are

Enclosed is a price, term and basic conditions review, conceptual exterior drawing, floor plan,
site plan, specifications as well as an application for your review. Please note drawings are for
illustration purposes and are not to scale. Construction is anticipated to begin in June and be
completed in September. Only 1 hangar per individual will be allowed to be reserved.


After all interested parties currently on the list have had the opportunity to lease, we will begin
contacting others and providing lease documents for review, in the order in which we have
received them. Within 1 week the signed lease and a deposit cheque for first and last month’s
rent must be received by us or your position on the list will be forfeited.

Once all 5 hangar positions have been awarded, we will gauge the interest and consider
building another 5 units. Please note that currently the commission is not accepting
applications for private hangar property leases. We are accepting applications for commercial
hangar property leases.

Thank you for your interest in basing your aircraft at Niagara Central Dorothy Rungeling Airport
and we look forward to you being part of our growth.

Bill Chernish
Airport Facility Operator


$675.00 plus HST per month 4 year to 10-year term
$725.00 plus HST per month 1 year to 3-year term


The following basic conditions are provided for your review. A comprehensive lease agreement
document will incorporate these conditions as well as standard lease terms.

  • At the end of your term there is no guarantee that your unit will be available
  • No other vehicles permitted in hangar
  • Niagara Central Airport Commission will be named as co-insured for a minimum of $2,000,000.00 for public liability and property damage
  • Property taxes paid by Niagara Central Airport Commission
  • Storage of reasonable tools permitted
  • Electric bill paid by tenant
  • External parking for 1 vehicle
  • “Kit builds” permitted in hangar
  • Yearly rate adjustment for rent based on Consumer Price Index
  • For each year of the term that you request, a fuel discount of 1 cent per litre per years of term ( ie: 5 year term=5 cents per litre discount), up to 10 cents per litre maximum and a maximum of 400 litres per month with no carry over permitted
  • Fuel must be for your aircraft stored in our hangar
  • It is anticipated that the discount will be deducted automatically through the automated fuel kiosk

Click here for site (.JPG)

Click here for floor plan (.JPG)


  • Approximately 41’6” x 31’6”x12’ high
  • 40’x10’ Clear opening electric bifold hangar door
  • Man door in bifold
  • 6” Concrete Slab Floor
  • Units separated by metal cladding
  • Ceilings metal cladding
  • 40 amp metered electrical service
  • 4 LED ceiling light fixtures
  • 3 electrical outlets
  • 15’x65’ Asphalt apron to taxiway “A”
  • Stone parking lot beside building (1 vehicle per unit)
  • Pole Barn style building
  • Metal roof and siding

Download Hangar Rental Application (.PDF)


We are accepting applications for aviation related commercial use land leases for Hangars or Land. Please contact the Airport Facility Operator.


At this time we are not offering land leases for private hangars.

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Niagara Central Dorothy Rungeling Airport may be reached by email or by phone at 905-714-1000.

Facility Operator: Bill Chernish

The office is located in the administration building across from the main hangar.